Hordak Changelog

Version 1.14.0,

  • transfer_to() on Account is now deprecated and raises a warning in favor of accounting_transfer_to(). It performed transfers differently than expected when comparing it to Dr/Cr double entry accounting, see function notes.

    This function will raise an error in Hordak 2.0.

  • Now using Django’s locale to Balance.__str__’s format_money allowing better formatting and specs.

  • Changed Account.currencies from ArrayField => JSONField to allow database agnostic work. * Breaking Change

    • Account.currencies input must be valid JSON now.
    • This is mostly important in 2 areas * Forms, but also if you performed a “, “.join(currencies_str_arr). * Fixtures
    • Previous: EUR, USD => [“EUR”, “USD”]
    • Form complains if it is not valid JSON and returns an explanation.

Version 1.13.0, Fri 17 Feb 2023

  • CURRENCIES can be also defined as HORDAK_CURRENCIES to allow to get rid of Django warning and to avoid name collision with django-money. The value can be function.

Version 1.12.0, Thu 3 Nov 2022

  • fixes of treating unknown currencies

Version 1.11.1, Fri 17 Sep 2022

  • Fix for django-import-export 3.0.0 and remove hold back version in requirements

Version 1.11.0, Fri 16 Sep 2022

  • Quicker admin listings (especially when installed with pip install hordak[subqueries]
  • More informations and filters in admin views
  • Test also in Django 4.1

Version 1.10.2, Tue 15 Mar 2022

  • Fix AccountTransactionsView

Version 1.10.1, Mon 21 Feb 2022

  • Updates for Django 4.0
  • Tested in Python 3.6 - 3.10, Django 2.2 - 4.0

Version 1.10.0, Tue 21 Apr 2020

  • 97cacf78f1 Adding note to readme (Adam Charnock)
  • 90f9ad6375 Testing against python 3.7 & 3.8 (Adam Charnock)
  • 912ce3b46c Dropping python 3.5 support (Adam Charnock)
  • 567a554639 CI fixes (Adam Charnock)
  • 23ce58dbb6 make update_full_account_codes trigger more effective on large number of accounts with null codes (Petr Dlouhý)
  • cea092bbb9 Fix typo (Ali Parvizi)
  • 92423c930d added/fixed tests for ratio_split() (Damien Drix)
  • e00a82a31d use the largest remainder method for distributing change in ratio_split() (Damien Drix)

Version 1.9.0, Tue 23 Jul 2019

  • e8dc979e9d re-enable migration check and update migrations after mptt update (Petr Dlouhý)
  • c3753a4f01 update .travis.yml Django versions; drop Python 3.4 testing (Petr Dlouhý)
  • e142f22d61 Applying black formatting (Adam Charnock)
  • f6b9401d7a Adding comment to explain Django 1.2 fix (Adam Charnock)
  • 01b1ba3806 Doh! forgot the save call! (p-baum)
  • 111927a60f Fix for #19 (p-baum)
  • 2e86cb8f0e AccountAdmin: add search fields (Petr Dlouhý)
  • a5e556d346 few performance fixes for admin (Petr Dlouhý)
  • 82b5df568d Complete trigger documentation (coler-j)
  • 968d636780 Docs RST (coler-j)
  • ef85e74324 Adds docs for triggers and constraints (coler-j)
  • 61b05faf80 Fixing requirement for python 3.4 (Adam Charnock)
  • 0509f5aee9 Fixes for travis CI (Adam Charnock)
  • c4b2c1135e Using patch to bypass locale-dependent formatting (Adam Charnock)
  • 2ad1865dc9 Applying back command to perform code formatting (Adam Charnock)
  • 22328061eb Fix #29 (p-baum)

Version 1.8.3, Sat 08 Dec 2018

  • 42d56996f1 Striping whitespace from fields on import (fixes issue with duplicates) (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.8.2, Wed 24 Oct 2018

  • ac0d280e8a Fixing account creation when intermediate accounts are missing (Adam Charnock)
  • 45760fe7e6 add more information to LegAdmin list_display (Petr Dlouhý)

Version 1.8.1, Fri 31 Aug 2018

  • 3106397098 Adding note on MIGRATION_MODULES to docs, #21 (Adam Charnock)
  • 4058656896 Running the black code formatter across the codebase (Adam Charnock)
  • 50076e26ca Adding pre-commit hook to run the black code formatter (Adam Charnock)
  • 8a71d0a02a Tweaking docs wording around the new HORDAK_MAX_DIGITS/HORDAK_DECIMAL_PLACES settings (Adam Charnock)
  • 7c39b49947 Moving settings to hordak.defaults. This way we set all our defaults in one place. (Adam Charnock)
  • 18ed6f0843 allow set number of decimal_places in settings (Petr Dlouhý)

Version 1.8.0, Tue 28 Aug 2018

  • ba632bccfb Adding settings page to docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 3a0215bd8e fixing docstring sphinx errors (Adam Charnock)
  • cbc31a3e34 Potential fix for migration checking in travis (Adam Charnock)
  • a4abc75174 Check for missed migrations (Pavel Sutyrin)
  • 8e73ae707e Adding tests for account creation/updating views when no account code is specified (Adam Charnock)
  • edb34f4e8b Updating update_full_account_codes to handle null account codes (Adam Charnock)
  • 1efd39deca Better handling of potential lack of Account.full_code (Adam Charnock)
  • 195bb27c7e make account code unrequired (Petr Dlouhý)

Version 1.7.0, Sat 25 Aug 2018

  • c08f7c940e Removing support for django 2.1 because there seems to be a strange bug with django-mptt (Adam Charnock)
  • 8167b178a4 Fixing how django gets installed so as to not trip django 2’s checks (Adam Charnock)
  • f51fc9041e psycopg2 -> psycopg2-binary (Adam Charnock)
  • 76207b74ba Fixing warning regarding immutable default values (Adam Charnock)
  • 0553403d60 Adding missing migration (Adam Charnock)
  • 09cf48d1c6 Excluding django2 from testing on python 3.4 (Adam Charnock)
  • ced1cec03c Dropping django 1.10 support, it has reached EOL and django-money no longer supports it (Adam Charnock)
  • 95498a7c03 Excluding django2 from testing on python 3.4 (Adam Charnock)
  • b2511d3116 Removing restriction on Django < 2. Testing on Django 2.1. (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.6.1, Thu 29 Mar 2018

  • f095f32e86 auto-migrations (Pavel Sutyrin)
  • 188314fc73 Minor improvement to reconcile UI (Adam Charnock)
  • 34e1efdc62 Disabling builds for python 3.7 until travis sorts itself out (Adam Charnock)
  • ecf693c21a Fixing links in ‘Current limitations’ section of docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 403afa5d32 Fixing building of docs for AccountTransactionView (was renamed to AccountTransactionsView) (Adam Charnock)
  • 40437cb59c Adding ‘Current limitations’ to docs (Adam Charnock)
  • be734095d0 Updates to leg table rendering (thanks to @al1p-R) (Adam Charnock)
  • 20830785d6 Minor tweaks to ordering in Leg view (thanks to @al1p-R) (Adam Charnock)
  • 7c7df45818 Whitespace fixes (Adam Charnock)
  • e15aeaa5ca Updates to transaction table rendering (thanks to @al1p-R) (Adam Charnock)
  • b4f823997c Putting whitespace back (Adam Charnock)
  • 52f72d23b4 Remove protected white space in Balance string. (Jonas Hagen)
  • 92c6246227 Make string comparison in test more robust. (Jonas Hagen)
  • df410bab5c Fix switched description string. (Jonas Hagen)
  • e531fb5cb1 Extend split amount test with negative amount. (Jonas Hagen)
  • 85a3cdaaef Adapt currency string in testcase to babel format. (Jonas Hagen)
  • 1c142d937f test file for CSV bank account import (al1p-R)
  • 424d6a1b2a fix comment error (al1p-R)
  • 5fbb1d04ab Adding list of transactions and list of legs
  • Moving footer to base.html (al1p-R)

Version 1.6.0, Thu 04 Jan 2018

  • e39b8d2d1e Adding Django 2.0 support to readme (Adam Charnock)
  • 9a85b030dd Dropping support for django 1.9 (Adam Charnock)
  • daccc6559d Fixes to travis setup (Adam Charnock)
  • ff7bd716ca adding link to parent transaction (al1p-R)
  • e2948047bb fixing missing on_delete=models.CASCADE (al1p-R)
  • 5dc7acda83 Dropping python 2.7 support (Adam Charnock)
  • eec3eefa8a Now testing on postgres 9.5 (Adam Charnock)
  • 21162302b1 Adding ‘unreconcile’ feature (Adam Charnock)
  • 3eb26939e2 Minor templating/html fix (Adam Charnock)
  • 40a5b80395 Changing how accounts are rendered to strings to make it a bit more useful and friendly (Adam Charnock)
  • bcc70141b6 Showing sensible currency selection options on transaction creation form (Adam Charnock)
  • 8350443003 Can now delete transactions (Adam Charnock)
  • 20cadc8e00 Using babel for currency formatting instead of built-in locales (Adam Charnock)
  • c7cd03dc6d Adding math template tags (Adam Charnock)
  • b440a930e4 Currency comparison optimisation (Adam Charnock)
  • 0769b5b267 Fixing Leg.account_balance_after() / Leg.account_balance_before() assuming sequential IDs (Adam Charnock)
  • b355fc0d4f Reconcilliation now respects statement line date. Fixing tests (Adam Charnock)
  • a32e009bed Transaction form now allows date entry (Adam Charnock)
  • b32c9089cc Adding since() parameter to teller.io import (Adam Charnock)
  • 5a56dc6d14 Adding StatementLine.type (Adam Charnock)
  • 9bfe4b800f Work on tellio data import (Adam Charnock)
  • 00905a45d8 Adding source field to StatementImport (Adam Charnock)
  • 62d9a2a8ac TransactionImport-related names renamed to TransactionCsvImport (in prep for api-based import) (Adam Charnock)
  • 50c7f84c00 TransactionImport-related names renamed to TransactionCsvImport (in prep for api-based import) (Adam Charnock)
  • 0084a31191 Adding missing transaction (Adam Charnock)
  • f2dca804c2 Adding get_latest_by to Transaction model meta data (Adam Charnock)
  • 3c1b2ce5a9 Adding inv() template tag, fixes to color_currency() template tag (Adam Charnock)
  • 075862bcf2 Balance objects can now handle comparisons against zero-valued non-balance objects (Adam Charnock)
  • 86b02d336f Adding rule to Account.transfer_to() (Adam Charnock)
  • f1de7a1fef Fixing create chart of accounts tests (Adam Charnock)
  • 3040518038 Fixing django requirement version to exclude 2.0rc1 (Adam Charnock)
  • 0c474c2447 Changing default database username to ‘postgres’ (as this is common when using docker) (Adam Charnock)
  • 0c69054bd8 Fixing ‘create_chart_of_accounts’ bug where the incorrect account types were being created (Adam Charnock)
  • 48564e6fbb Testing utils: Adding DataProvider.user() and sanity check to assertBalanceEqual() (Adam Charnock)
  • a501c68e5e Fixing error when reconcilling in in-default currency (Adam Charnock)
  • 5de8c3e6f8 Improving currency rendering formatting (Adam Charnock)
  • 8eb21f8cb5 Change bank account name to matched that expected (Adam Charnock)
  • 42f0576a08 Zero balances now show zero in the relevent currency(s) (Adam Charnock)
  • 1d0aa08525 Setting postgres version to test against (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.5.0, Thu 02 Mar 2017

  • 77d97f7fbf Previous commit fixes #4. Adding test to prove it. (Adam Charnock)
  • 83c369520f Denormalising Account.type field using db trigger. Relates to #4 (Adam Charnock)
  • f4f43ac349 Denormalised account code now generated by postgres trigger (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.4.0, Tue 28 Feb 2017

  • 94cf1ca8f2 Adding auth views to allow login (Adam Charnock)
  • f442f4440c Adding login_required decorator to views (Adam Charnock)
  • 7e1802cf43 Adding blocks to currency trade template (Adam Charnock)
  • 92a57ce2d9 Updating currency exchange link text (Adam Charnock)
  • 3f788018b4 Setting currency exchange page title (Adam Charnock)
  • bc3a9e4d5b Adding currency trading view (Adam Charnock)
  • 13588772fc Adding test and support for simple currency account transfers (Adam Charnock)
  • 28aa6a012e Fixing typos (Adam Charnock)
  • 25e1125d46 Now building on django 1.11 (Adam Charnock)
  • 10fc111140 Bumping django-smalluuid version requirement (Adam Charnock)
  • 73ed75ec25 Fixing travis error (Adam Charnock)
  • 78c390eb58 Increasing django version requirement to 1.9 (Adam Charnock)
  • 7ccdf8c539 Adding classes to transation creation form buttons (Adam Charnock)
  • f76755dcb5 Work on template modularity (Adam Charnock)
  • 081ed75abc Fixing missing import (Adam Charnock)
  • 1efcb32aaa Fixing HTML error (Adam Charnock)
  • f794cf68f6 Removing stray chars (Adam Charnock)
  • 2cac0282ca Tweak to docs (Adam Charnock)
  • d0650bef6d Adding statement import to interface (Adam Charnock)
  • 70c0bf5a7e Pulling statement import code into Hordak from Swiftwind (Adam Charnock)
  • dbc2251e50 Splitting up models.py in prep for pulling in functionality from swiftwind (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.3.0, Sat 25 Feb 2017

  • f2bbcf121e Removing unused docs page (Adam Charnock)
  • 9d410cdbbb Removing django-bootstrap requirement (Adam Charnock)
  • a1cf5bf26f Adding app_name to urls.py (Adam Charnock)
  • 4f9ae70a95 Adding extra blocks to base template (Adam Charnock)
  • fc2abb59b5 Colspan update (Adam Charnock)
  • 19fb6dad6d Adding currencies column (Adam Charnock)
  • 0dc0f50e87 Updating docs on extending views (Adam Charnock)
  • d8f140121e Tweaks to account page header (Adam Charnock)
  • 150ca1c281 Work on docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 8122dbea9c Wrapping skeleton css in block (to make removing it easier) (Adam Charnock)
  • e934739e68 Now showing balance on transaction listing page (Adam Charnock)
  • 5663e31829 Fixing account edit view bug (Adam Charnock)
  • f1e8be2b9d Account transaction ui improvements (Adam Charnock)
  • 7f0b5a8e30 Only showing ‘transactions’ links for leaf accounts (until we sort out multiple-account transaction listing) (Adam Charnock)
  • b4166df277 Work on transaction listing (Adam Charnock)
  • 868897f596 Adding icon to child accounts (Adam Charnock)
  • cbfeb8ef3b Adding some super-simple styling (pulling skeleton css from CDN) (Adam Charnock)
  • 676ceea881 Adding simple navigation (Adam Charnock)
  • 4764093b44 Adding basic navigation (Adam Charnock)
  • e9ced4244f Further work on urls and testing account creation view (Adam Charnock)
  • 50dcc4941b Namespacing urls (Adam Charnock)
  • 8359d15a11 Correcting page name (Adam Charnock)
  • 96c9b5417a Updating docs for new views (Adam Charnock)
  • bcaadbbef7 Adding basic CRUD views (Adam Charnock)
  • 9d47807457 Adding template files to manifest (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.2.0, Sun 18 Dec 2016

  • d62b271e3c Python 2 fix (Adam Charnock)
  • ae84161285 Adding missing __init__.py file (Adam Charnock)
  • 11a1b2357e Mopping up some remaining errors. Adding transaction_create.html (Adam Charnock)
  • 4e08b669f0 Moving ratio_split() from Swiftwind -> Hordak (Adam Charnock)
  • da9fd9e75c Adding docs for forms (Adam Charnock)
  • 3824d1624d Moving ratio_split() from Swiftwind -> Hordak (Adam Charnock)
  • 335756b10c Moving ReconcileTransactionsView from Swiftwind -> Hordak (Adam Charnock)
  • bd23268e86 Moving CreateTransactionView from Swiftwind -> Hordak (Adam Charnock)
  • 541434b864 Moving transaction forms from Swiftwind -> Hordak (Adam Charnock)
  • 7bd594c7ce Expanding on model docs (esp Account.transfer_to()) (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.1.2, Fri 16 Dec 2016

  • 4dba6719eb setting include_package_data=True in setup.py to ensure static files are included (Adam Charnock)
  • 4ad1576aa9 Add missing migration for account model (Kevin Dice)
  • 652c1a372e Adding settings to MANIFEST (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.1.1, Mon 12 Dec 2016

  • 725c86126f Expanding on docs change in pull request #6 (Adam Charnock)
  • a0695c52c8 Adding debits() and credits() back to LegManager (Adam Charnock)
  • 2fae0ef542 Add mptt to installation docs (Kevin Dice)

Version 1.1.0, Sat 10 Dec 2016

  • ff1a0e07c8 Adding changelog (Adam Charnock)
  • 8b95087434 Tweaks as a result of work on swiftwind (Adam Charnock)
  • 383895fe11 Fixing old URLS (Adam Charnock)
  • 4cc2e7146a Python 2 fixes (Adam Charnock)
  • 43ea6a33f9 Specifying encoding for python 2.7 (Adam Charnock)
  • 6512d572e1 Adding currency_exchange() method & docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 87da427e47 Adding trading account and postgres check to ensure bank accounts are asset accounts (Adam Charnock)
  • d82b424f69 Moving footnotes (Adam Charnock)
  • 5397290d89 Work on docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 4cbd28b7b0 Fixing tests for multicurrency work (Adam Charnock)
  • c19861133d Doc updates (Adam Charnock)
  • a27aa44053 Updates to docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 68a9b047f6 Work on currency conversion utilities. Adding Balance class. (Adam Charnock)
  • c03db337ef whitespace fix (Adam Charnock)
  • c7308df66e Fixing transaction test (Adam Charnock)
  • 8f3ce5c74c Renaming has_statements -> is_bank_account (Adam Charnock)
  • 17bdd3cacd Work on currency constraints (Adam Charnock)
  • aed8897ed3 Asserting that all legs sum to zero for each currency (Adam Charnock)
  • 2b4638b7f7 Adding Peter Selinger tutorial (for posterity, in case the site vanishes) (Adam Charnock)
  • e6cb485f5a Link updates (Adam Charnock)
  • 54a0b9cd18 Adding docs (Adam Charnock)
  • 41d4bdd42e Adding comment, correcting todo (Adam Charnock)
  • 794ae143d3 Adding todo (Adam Charnock)
  • 4ec34d29d6 Now using MoneyField for transaction leg amount, thanks to django-money (Adam Charnock)
  • 1aae3404e7 Adding tests for auto_convert flag (Adam Charnock)
  • ee95757eba Integration with py-moneyed, supporting calculations and auto conversion (Adam Charnock)
  • 10cf0ca3bd Python 2.7 fixes (Adam Charnock)
  • 234a931ca6 Currency conversion fixes. Adding skippable test to test against fixer api (Adam Charnock)
  • 80fad3e2fc Work on currency converting system (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.0.3, Sun 09 Oct 2016

  • 3cb75d6ce8 Adding parameter to Account.simple_balance() and Account.balance() (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.0.2, Sun 09 Oct 2016

  • 542bc60a45 Adding parameter to Account.simple_balance() and Account.balance() (Adam Charnock)
  • 1b81dd8d27 Whitespace (Adam Charnock)
  • 3809a46919 Removing downloads badge (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.0.1, Fri 16 Sep 2016

  • 3e45ccd3d1 Removing swiftwind fixture (Adam Charnock)
  • 66e0326e85 Whitespace (Adam Charnock)
  • b3e39ba039 Work on transfer_to() logic (should be more sane now) (Adam Charnock)
  • 905f538761 Minor rst fix (Adam Charnock)
  • 5446460f3e Trying to figure out github rst (Adam Charnock)
  • 730e238e9c Trying to figure out github rst (Adam Charnock)
  • 4e7e6b2783 Adding examples to README (Adam Charnock)
  • bcbf6d3ad5 Adding examples to README (Adam Charnock)
  • ecb47c7a4b Adding examples to README (Adam Charnock)
  • fcedbefc09 Addition to README - Explanation: Double Entry for Software Developers (Adam Charnock)
  • 66069c405a transfer_to() now accepts **transaction_kwargs (Adam Charnock)
  • e02a753656 Adding net_balance() to account query manager (Adam Charnock)
  • 28ccdaf31f Ignoring build dirs (Adam Charnock)
  • 9bc5ad3704 Updating README description (Adam Charnock)

Version 1.0.0 (first version), Tue 13 Sep 2016