Customising Templates

The easiest way to modify Hordak’s default interface is to customise the default templates.


This provides a basic level of customisation. For more control you will need to extend the views, or create entirely new views of your own which build on Hordak’s models.

Hordak’s templates can be found in hordak/templates/hordak. You can override these templates by creating similarly named files in your app’s own templates directory.

For example, if you wish to override hordak/account_list.html, you should create the file hordak/account_list.html within your own app’s template directory. Your template will then be used by Django rather than the original.


By default Django searches for templates in each app’s templates directory. It does this in the order listed in INSTALLED_APPS. Therefore, your app must appear before ‘hordak’ in ‘INSTALLED_APPS’.