exception hordak.exceptions.HordakError

Abstract exception type for all Hordak errors

exception hordak.exceptions.AccountingError

Abstract exception type for errors specifically related to accounting

exception hordak.exceptions.AccountTypeOnChildNode

Raised when trying to set a type on a child account

The type of a child account is always inferred from its root account

exception hordak.exceptions.ZeroAmountError

Raised when a zero amount is found on a transaction leg

Transaction leg amounts must be none zero.

exception hordak.exceptions.AccountingEquationViolationError

Raised if - upon checking - the accounting equation is found to be violated.

The accounting equation is:

0 = Liabilities + Equity + Income - Expenses - Assets

exception hordak.exceptions.LossyCalculationError

Raised to prevent a lossy or imprecise calculation from occurring.

Typically this may happen when trying to multiply/divide a monetary value by a float.

exception hordak.exceptions.BalanceComparisonError

Raised when comparing a balance to an invalid value

A balance must be compared against another balance or a Money instance

exception hordak.exceptions.TradingAccountRequiredError

Raised when trying to perform a currency exchange via an account other than a ‘trading’ account

exception hordak.exceptions.InvalidFeeCurrency

Raised when fee currency does not match source currency

exception hordak.exceptions.CannotSimplifyError

Used internally by Currency class